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Aron van het Koedijkseland BH, FO

Aron v.h. Koedijkseland BH FO

Imported from Holland

Date of Birth: April 28, 2017

(Son of ZG Pablo van Hamersslag IPO3 1st Place National Winner of the N.I.A.K. Kampioenschap 2018 - IPO 390 B 96 C 96 Total 278 SG, WUSV 2016 (3rd Place) & WUSV 2017 participant)
NHSB 3081209
HD/ED/Spine Dysplasia Free
DM: N/N (Clear)
West German Working Lines

His pedigree can be found on Pedigree Database along with Working-Dog.com.

Just Another Vice Vom Haus Frost (Vice)

Date of Birth: September 21, 2016


OFA: Hips - Fair 

OFA: Elbows - Normal

OFA: Dentition - Normal

DM - Clear (Tested through Paw Print Genetics)

UKC Grand Champion Int. Champion Ricky Denbrix CGC (Wrath)

Date of Birth: February 14, 2014

Wrath is a solid black import from Czech. He has earned his UKC Grand Champion Title, and was ranked as high as 3rd in 2016. At 7 months, Wrath received all SG-1 ratings to earn his Intercontinental Champion Puppy Title. He earned his CGC certificate at 6 months and has finished his UKC Grand Championship.

Wrath has produced 2 outstanding litters. 

Wraths pedigree as well as some of his progeny pictures can be seen on his pedigree database link here.

Wrath has passed his elbows with OFA and that can be seen here.

His hips were done with PennHip and he was rated Left 0.42 and Right 0.59 with no osteoarthritis or cavitation on either side. 

DM - Affected / At Risk (Tested Through Paw Print Genetics)

Carries for Long Coat 

Tattoo: 16644

AKC DN53349701 

AKC DNA #V841888

UKC P834-454