The Home of Quality German Shepherds 

Current Breeding:

This is the Hunter x Dessy Imported breeding 

Price is $2500 - SOLD

Puppies will be black sables, dark sables & solid blacks.

Deposits are $500 and taken when the puppies are 3-6 weeks of age.

Stock Coated

Currently still in Slovakia 

7. Aug 2018

Height/Weight: 65 cm / 43 kg

Suchno 77850

Show score: V

Working cert.: BH/VT, SVV 1, IGP 1

Health results: ED-A, HD-A

Czech Working Lines

VD Passat Eqidius IPO 3, SVV 1, IGP 3 HD/ED normal x Christin Eqidius SVV 1 HD-A, ED-A
Stock Coated
Imported from Slovakia 
30. Jan 2016 
Height / Weight: 59 cm / 29 kg
CKMU DS/102208/16
Show score: VD
Working cert: SVV1
HD a-normal
ED fast normal
West / Czech German Working Lines

V Brisco vom Patriot IPO 3, VPG 3 HD/ED normal x  SG Nessi z Kurimskeho haje IPO 3, FPr 1 DKK A 0/0, DLK 0/0

Past Breedings:

September 2020 - Vice x Layla "F" Litter (Repeat Breeding)

This is the Vice x Layla breeding 

Puppies born 9-19-2020
9 puppies 
- 6 males & 3 females (6 dark sable / 3 black)

Price is $1800 - SOLD

Deposits are $300 and taken when the puppies are 3-6 weeks of age.

Laylas Divine Intervention At VPK (Layla)
(Daughter of V Faro z Neiberku ZVV1, IPO3 CMKU 65115/07)
Czech x East German Working Lines
Just Another Vice vom Haus Frost (Vice)
Czech x West Working Lines

Click here for the planned breeding on pedigree database

May 2020 Breeding - Vice x Nikki - "D" Litter

This is the Vice x Nikki breeding 

Born May 27th, 2020

dark sable & blacks

Just Another Vice vom Haus Frost (Vice)
Czech x West Working Lines
Nikita Vom Thompson 
(Granddaughter of  G Zidane vom Haus Sevens SCHH3, IPO3, 2X WUSV 2000 LOSH 874631)
Czech x West x East German Working Lines

Price $1800-$2500  ALL SOLD

This litter should throw medium to high drive showing a lot of promise for protection work / a very active home / sport ring.

Click here for the planned breeding on pedigree database

March 2019 Breeding - Vice x Layla - "C" Litter

This is the Vice x Layla breeding 

Puppies born 3-28-2019

Dark / Red sables & Solid Blacks

Laylas Divine Intervention At VPK (Layla)
(Daughter of V Faro z Neiberku ZVV1, IPO3 CMKU 65115/07)
Czech x East German Working Lines
Just Another Vice vom Haus Frost (Vice)
(Linebred 4-4 on SG Tom z Pohranicni Straze 1994 Czech Police Dog, SP-PS, ZVV2, OP1)
Czech x West Working Lines

Price is $1800  ALL SOLD

Click here for the planned breeding on pedigree database

 4 week old puppy pictures

February 2018 - Xaron x Layla - "B" Litter

This is the Xaron x Layla breeding. 

Puppies born 2-12-18

dark sable and blacks

(Grandson of SG Kato Aritar Bastet CZECH WORKING CHAMPION, IPO3, FCI & WUSV 2013 CMKU/ DS/79470/10/12)
Czech Import
Laylas Divine Intervention At VPK (Layla)
(Daughter of V Faro z Neiberku ZVV1, IPO3 CMKU 65115/07)
Czech x East German Working Lines

Price is $1500 - $2000  ALL SOLD

Click here for the planned breeding on Pedigree Database.

Fall 2017 Breeding -  Wrath x Grace - "A" Litter

 Wrath x Grace 

(Linebred 3-4 on V Jaguar Aritar Bastet IPO3, SCHH1 2002 CMKU 46258/02/04)
Czech Working Lines

Czech Working Lines

$1800 ALL SOLD

Click here for the planned breeding on Pedigree Database


   Validus Pastoris Kennels

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                                                                                                GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG PURCHASE AGREEMENT

There is a nonrefundable deposit of $500 required to hold a puppy unless we agree on a payment plan. If a payment plan is agreed upon, any and all payments made will be nonrefundable. Price will be paid in full prior to the release of the K-9.

*All puppies are $_______ no matter the sex, color or coat length.*

*Deposits are non-refundable except in the event of the puppies death before pick up or a vet determined, untreatable illness, within 24 hours of pick up.*

All deposits and money paid will be held until after the given 24 hours for the vet check.

We STRONGLY recommend limiting your new puppy's visitation to new places until after it has had all of its puppy shots. Taking your K-9 out to stores, parks, dog parks, and other places visited by other K-9’s puts your puppy at risk.

On this date ___________, this agreement is between Validus Pastoris Kennels, hereinafter referred to as “Seller” and

_______________________, hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”.

It is agreed between Seller and Buyer as follows:

Sex: ________ Color: _____________ AKC/UKC: __________________ D.O.B: _______________

DAM: _________________________________ SIRE: __________________________________

All puppies will be sold on Limited Registration until at least an obedience, performance or show title is received in any venue and passing hips and elbows with OFA (at 24 months) or Penn hip (Penn hip can be done as early as 4 months of age) or SV (can be done after 12 months of age, we recommend waiting until 18 months when growth plates are closed)

Copy of results MUST be sent to seller before Full Rights are given and there is no charge for upgrading to full rights once health testing and a title is received.

Purchase Price: _____________ Deposit: _____________________ Balance: ___________________

INCLUDED in the price:

  • Dewclaws removed
  • All age appropriate puppy shots / worming
  • AKC/UKC Registration Applications
  • Microchipping (With Sellers Kennel being secondary contact)
  • Detailed health report of puppies progress from birth
  • Parents Genetically tested for all breed specific test at the time breeding took place

LIFETIME Guarantee against genetic defects:

  • If a puppy you buy from us is diagnosed with a life altering or life threatening GENETIC defeat/heath issue, VERIFIED by a licensed veterinarian, at any point in its life, you are entitled to a replacement puppy of equal of lesser value at no cost to you. If there is a puppy you want, that is valued higher, you only pay the difference. This DOES NOT include issues that are known to occur within the breed as the dog gets older, normal aging conditions, or any other ailments or conditions not directly related to faulty genetics.
  • You do not have to return your puppy/dog, however, we always take our puppies back if they ever need to be returned for any reason.
  • If a puppy you buy from us is diagnosed with a GENETIC defect/heath issue that is NOT life altering or life threatening, VERIFIED by a licensed veterinarian, you are entitled to a replacement pup at ½ off and you do not have to return your current puppy.
  • We reserve the right to have any condition that arises checked by our personal veterinarian for confirmation.

This German Shepherd puppy is in good health, up to date on shots, de-worming and is free of any genetic defects to the best of the Seller’s knowledge at the time of release. CONTRACT IS VOID if buyer does not continue proper vet care for the remainder of the K9’s life and length of this contract. 

If at any time, the buyer is unable to care for or house the K9 in this contract, the K9 is to be returned to seller with all registration signed off back to the seller at buyer’s expense. 

If buyer decides to sell the K9, then seller is to be contacted for first right of refusal in purchase of this K9. Seller guarantees the K9 will obtain a passing OFA/PENNHIP/SV with (Excellent, Good, or Fair) and elbow rating (Clear/Normal/Passing) at the age of 2 years. This K9 is guaranteed for life against crippling genetic hip dysplasia (Moderate or Severe), or elbow dysplasia.

Understand, diet, exercise and environment have been proven to affect the possibilities and severity of hip/elbow dysplasia, therefore, the buyer agrees to follow, and will show proof of all vet and care records associated with this K9. This does not include any arthritis, age related health issues or any injuries sustain after K9 leaves the sellers possession.

Your Responsibilities & Agreement

The buyer accepts full responsibility for this K9 and its actions up to the cause of death to another or buyer, whether it is sold as a trained or untrained K9, and fully indemnifies the seller from any cause or action related to the K9 once it leaves the seller’s possession. Seller is not responsible for any medical bills associated with this K9’s actions in the event an accident were to occur.

The buyer is responsible for proper care and treatment of this K9. DO NOT ALLOW a puppy to do strenuous activities, training, running and jumping excessively until the proper age and proper training can be done. Overworking/training this K9 causing dysplasia will result in void of this contract. DO NOT overfeed your K9. Overweight puppies can develop numerous joint issues into adult hood.

The buyer will provide the K9 with adequate food, fresh water, shelter from the environmental conditions and plenty of affection. The German Shepherd Dog is very loyal and is a working breed, therefore needs to be stimulated both mentally and physically.

The seller is not responsible for the actions of this K9, should it not be stimulated appropriately. The K9 shall not be continuously kept chained or constantly kenneled.

The buyer will obtain a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) or SPOT test by the age of 18 months, or some kind of performance / conformation title.

A copy of the certificate must be sent to seller.

The K9 shall not be sold, transferred, or given to any individual or to any retail or wholesale establishment for the purpose of sale to the public, or to be used in medical experimentation.

The buyer shall not use this K9 in any type of dog fighting.

K9 shall not be bred prior to the age of 2 years and MUST have ALL genetic testing suggested for the German Shepherd Dog at the time of breeding.

K9 MUST obtain a certificate from OFA or PennHip or the SV certifying the K9 is free of Hip/Elbow dysplasia with passing ratings of each.

You are not buying breeding right for this dog and if this K9 is bred before the age of 2, contract is void.

The buyer must provide humane care and maintenance in accordance with all current and future state, county and municipal laws and ordinances where the buyer resides.

I agree to all terms and conditions set fourth in this contract and understand if I fail to uphold this contract, seller has the right to repossess the K9 mentioned in this contract and I loose all monies paid for said K9.

_____________________________ ___________________

(Sellers/Breeders) (Date)

_____________________________ ____________________

(Buyers/Owners) (Date)


(Buyers/Owners Full Address)


(Buyers/Owners E-Mail Address)